Vimeo & It's Nice That invite HLabs to discuss video innovation

Creatives rally at HLabs Convene office for ‘Vimeo your agency’, an in-person video workshop to explore the joys of interactive video and showcase examples in a live panel discussion.
25th September 2023
3 min read
Hannah Springett, HLabs CEO & Founder
Vimeo Your Agency: Katie's Intro
Katie from Vimeo kicks off the talk

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Interactive video creates 66% more engagement and 44% longer viewing time. You have less than six seconds to engage with a user watching a video. These insights and many more were discussed across the panel in Vimeo's latest event.

Here's a rundown of the event and what we took from it!

Who was speaking?

Fa & Fon: Talented twins who work together on amazing content from a huge range of creative projects, from ad campaigns, and music videos all the way through to TikTok.

Hannah Springett: Founder & CEO of HLabs.

Katie Halpern: Partner Success Manager at Vimeo.

Matt Alagiah: MC of the event and Editor in chief from It's Nice That.

Also a special mention to Trendy Grandad our photography & video production partner for capturing the event so well.

What was discussed?

After helping ourselves to coffee and far too many pastries we started the session with a brief intro from Katie, partnerships manager at Vimeo. As well as an update on Vimeo, a tool beyond just hosting, we introduced the speakers with a quick sample of their work. As videos of course!

Matt led the panel discussion to cover topics on inspiration, work ethic, changes to the industry, opportunities, project highlights and of course the hot topic of AI. It’s Nice That will be launching their write-up real soon!

The Rive app deserves a special mention as a video innovation we’re using to replace heavy mp4s. It’s allowing us to create animated content on websites that are interactive, high-performing and so much easier to use than Lottie files. Watch this space!

"Adding interactive video to our product suite was naturally the right fit to offer our clients more immersive and interactive storytelling options!" Hannah, HLabs CEO & Founder

What has Vimeo got to offer?

Vimeo can help you create interactive video narratives or shoppable videos in a matter of hours. Vimeos demo, showcased the tool, the features including trackable hotspots, journey mapping and jump links. The demo had people in the audience creating on the tool and leaving the session with their very own interactive videos in just twenty mins! It really is that easy!

"I'm just amazed every agency isn't using it already. It's radically transformed the way we think about video storytelling content." Hannah, HLabs CEO & Founder

How can HLabs help with your interactive video?

We’ve spent two years perfecting how we use interactive video and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible on any no-code tool. We’ve created a range of examples that can be seen here on our partnership page, but the types of interactive videos are here:

Shoutout to Stokely at Trendy Grandad for taking such amazing photographs!

Do you think your video content could do with a lift?

Whether it's adding a data capture form at the end of a video or a complete introduction into interactive video, HLabs is happy and here to help! We have budding producers and project managers ready to take your video content to the next level.