Webinar: How to increase engagement & elevate your storytelling through video

HLabs TV
Watch this webinar and discover how to enhance your video offering! Hosted on Vimeo by HLabs CEO, Han Springett, the panel of creative industry experts discuss the power of video and offer relatable insights from their shared experiences.
9th August 2023
48 min watch
Written by Andiana Cáceres Martínez
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In this webinar, we dive into an array of details that will elevate your digital storytelling through the incorporation of video techniques. From the significance of filming strong footage to animation, to the intricacies of creating a compelling corporate video, we'll explore techniques and trends that enable you to master the strategic use of video across your storytelling. Our panel of experts comprises industry leaders who are actively shaping the creative landscape.


Han Springett, Founder & CEO of HLabs


Stokely Howard, Creative Director at Trendy Grandad

Kenzo Ejiri, Founder of Kenzo Studios

Rick Kluskens, Senior Motion Designer at HLabs

Katie Halpern, Senior Partner Success Manager at Vimeo

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