Can advertising still create cultural phenomenons? HLabs finds out.

HLabs TV
HLabs' Founder & CEO, Han Springett, joins the 'Firehouse Salon Podcast' hosted by Ashley Pollak with Ian Edgar and Richard Tseng to chat through their thoughts on the changing face of advertising.
8th May 2023
47 min listen
Han Springett, CEO of HLabs
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About the panel:

Ashley Pollak
Host of The Firehouse Salon Podcast & Head of brand stories at Telltale

Hannah Springett
CEO of

Ian Edgar
8 Years at Conde Nast as VP of Creative Strategy & Video Programming

Richard Tseng
Writer, Creative Director, Student of Persuasion History
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"It's normally those big cultural moments are by accident. It's some small group that thinks something's really cool and it's very niche and that goes mainstream, because it's weird or wonderful." Hannah Springett, CEO of HLabs
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