HLabs offers editorial?! Here’s 11 services you can trust us with

Alongside our team of kickass creative designers, illustrators, animators and project managers, we also have editorial specialists available to elevate your storytelling and copywriting projects.
16th August 2023
5 min read
By Joe Batchelor
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At HLabs we offer a wide range of editorial services

Editorial is a powerful tool. When utilised effectively, it helps to build a meaningful connection with your audience and increase engagement. It can promote and sell, it can convey messages, it can push CTAs, it can inspire, and it can educate. Strong copy that’s accurate, creative and original will get the attention and trust of the reader and put you in the best position possible to achieve your targets and visions.

From brand copy, to sales copy, to creative storytelling, we understand the difference and the importance of getting it right! Here’s eleven things we can collaborate on when it comes to editorial. 

1. Copywriting

Our editors understand that when it comes to copy, every word matters. We can deliver clear, researched, engaging, and accurate copy that hits the brief in the required timeframe. Previous examples of HLabs copywriting includes product pitch presentations, press releases, full website copy population, annual reports, marketing blogs, and brand messaging . 

2. Story writing

But isn’t writing stories the same as copywriting? Well, kind of. Story writing is longer form editorial that sees a writer deliver content like news stories, features, supporting event editorial like previews and reports, or Q&A interviews. Stories are an impactful way to help your brand or campaign stand out in an entertaining and memorable way. We love telling stories for our clients, see some below!

3. Editing 

If the copy is pre-written and supplied along with other assets, we can sub-edit the copy for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Our copy editors can also assist with the sentence structure of the copy to ensure it flows naturally alongside the design, visuals, interactive techniques, and page features.

4. Editorial strategy 

Want an audit of your editorial output? Maybe want to shake up your offering? We can help with performance analysis, story ideation, optimal release planning, story formats, SEO optimization, and how to digitise your content with interactive and immersive storytelling features. 

5. Highlight content

Our editors will assist the designers in picking out the highlight content of the story from an editorial perspective. For example, this could be statistics, facts or quotes from key characters that could be made more prominent in the design process for example, through the use of illustrations or animations.

6. Design compatibility

If working on an interactive story, the text and design need to work together in order to create a special experience for the reader. Our copy editors will work in sync with the design team to ensure everything fits.

7. Format and narrative

Our editors will brainstorm what format they believe best suits the text and edit accordingly in collaboration with the client.

8. Tone

We can ensure the copy sticks to a consistent tone of voice throughout.

9. Headlines, headers, CTA’s

Sometimes the small things can create the biggest impact. The language used in headlines, headers and call to actions are important so we will make sure they are the best they can be.

10. KPI awareness

We want to make sure the editorial approach meets your agreed KPIs whether this is increased views, engagement, sales, click-throughs, conversion or retention. Our language and format will be in sync with your KPIs.

11. Workshops

Want a quick session for your team on how to write for digital platforms? Or maybe a brainstorming workshop to help build out your editorial strategy? We can offer creative bespoke interactive workshops on a wide range of editorial topics.

Elevate your editorial strategy!

Captivate your audience with exquisitely written content with the help of our editorial experts! Explore our curated selection of beautifully written pieces and find out for yourself!