HLabs' first happy hour celebrates London's Women in Leadership

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HLabs hosts its diverse network of talent (including Han's Mum) to celebrate the changing world of leadership and agency life, in London.
August 10th 2023
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Women In Leadership Happy Hour

Since January 2022, our Founder and CEO Han Springett has hosted the Women in Leadership coffee morning alongside Agencynomics and Cactus. We stepped it up a gear and served something a little stronger at our London Convene office.

Who attended?

We had a fantastic range of leaders from multiple agencies come along: Publicis, Radley Yelder, Emperor, and Caraffi to name a few as well as some brilliant freelancers looking to move into leadership positions.

I love knowing that I always have an educated and experienced network of mentors, friends and colleagues to turn to in a crisis. My network is everything! I am thankful daily for the advice and shared learning that got me a headstart in my business! - Han Springett

How to get involved?

Han’s been lucky enough to have been hosting the monthly Women In Leadership coffee morning alongside our partners at Agencynomics and Cactus. They get together on the first Wednesday of the month to discuss a whole range of topics. Han explains: “In the hour, we start with quick intros to practise our one-liner elevator pitch, share success stories, problem-solve trending challenges and share references and learnings all wrapped up with a quick gif to share on LinkedIn to raise awareness for marketing.” If you want to discuss your own challenges as a business owner or need advice managing a new team come along!

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Only 0.1% of creative agencies are started by women.

Just 37% of leadership roles are women and a teeny 3% of Creative Directors are women. These ridiculous low statistics just show why we need to discuss it and encourage younger female designers in the field to take that leap into management.