Webinar: Unleash engagement in your interactive storytelling using 'no-code' platforms

HLabs TV
Unleash the power of captivating web experiences: Watch Hannah Springett, HLabs founder & CEO, at Webflow's conference as she reveals the secrets of creating sparkling websites, editorial pages and engaging digital experiences.
20th Nov 2021
20 min watch
Written by Andiana Cáceres Martínez
Webinar interactive story hero 1

In this session, Hannah dives into the world of global publishers like Red Bull, Vogue, Wired, and other powerhouses from the Condé Nast family, to unveil how these industry giants are taking user engagement to new heights by harnessing the power of user-focused, animated and interactive content through a wide range of no-code platforms to revolutionize and increase user engagement.

Summary of the key takeaways:

  • Understanding how interactive storytelling can enhance user experiences through interactive features and smart editorial content all built on no-code platforms.

  • Creating visual variety different with assets like photography, video, illustration, data, typography, and iconography, helps to effectively communicate information and increase retention.

  • Incorporating motion graphics and small animations to increase dwell time and engagement, even with simple elements like cinemagraphs.

  • Making interactions relevant to the audience and content, using hotspots, popups, hover interactions, sound bites, autoplay videos, quizzes, and decision trees helps increase click-through rates and provide a personalized experience to the user.

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