Empowering women in the no-code space: Ceros recruits new CEO, Alison Lange Engel

HLabs’ biggest no-code partner Ceros has a new change of leadership. Join us in celebrating the changing landscape of women in technology and the ever-growing, diverse and inclusive, no-code community.
14th May 2024
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Han Springett, CEO of HLabs
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"Fewer than 10% of CEOs are women. I hope to accelerate the narrative and cultural belief that women can and should lead at the highest level" reports new Ceros CEO, Alison Lange Engel.

The no-code revolution is democratising technology and enabling individuals without coding expertise to create and manage digital content. However, despite its inclusive nature, the tech industry still grapples with gender disparity. 

As of 2023, women hold about 26.7% of tech-related jobs and occupy less than 20% of executive positions in major tech companies. Yet, companies with diverse leadership report significantly higher innovation revenue (45%) compared to those with less diversity (26%).

HLabs is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the no-code space and we’re proud that our tech partners and associates are helping to pave the way for a brighter future.

First things first, we’re excited for our biggest no-code partner Ceros who are championing a brand new CEO to lead them forward into the next chapter of their journey. As announced on Linkedin. Alison Lange Engel is replacing long-term friend of HLabs, Simon Berg.

We’re looking forward to seeing new updates to the platform, continued improvements to performance, as well as focussing on a customer-centric vision that will only benefit our mutual clients. Watch this space!

Alison's announcement on Linkedin

At HLabs, we’re committed to bridging the gap too. As a female-led web digital agency, we’ve championed diversity since we started in 2020. The leadership team, founded by Hannah Springett after leaving her Lead Creative Strategy role at Ceros, has grown the team to 40 creatives. She's supported by Creative Director Shadi Ekman who stands as a testament to the transformative power of women in tech.

Han & Shadi's visionary approach to design has been instrumental in leveraging no-code platforms to deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients like Red Bull, Condé Nast and Atlas Obscura. Our work so far has seen HLabs land Webby wins and Awwwards honours.

Shadi has also played a huge role in writing HLabs’ vision statement of 'Creating Stories That Matter' which is explained further in our vision report.

Meet the no-code leaders

Our key tech partners - Ceros, Webflow, Readymag, VEV, Vimeo, and Framer — are at the forefront of the no-code movement and all have amazing female client-facing representatives. Let's meet them!

Alison Lange Engel
CEO of Ceros

Tine Karlsen
CEO & CoFounder of VeV

Diana Kasey
CEO & CoFounder of ReadyMaghttps://www.linkedin.com/in/diana-kasay-3b0b904a/

Hannah Springett
CEO & Founder of HLabs

Katie Halpern
Partnership manager at Vimeo

Kate Morgan
Global partnerships at Framer

These leaders are redefining the landscape by bringing fresh perspectives and driving innovation. Despite the challenges women face in tech, such as gender bias and limited mentorship opportunities, initiatives like Women Who Code and Girls Who Code are making strides in supporting and promoting women in technology.

"At Framer, women are driving innovation at every level, from serving as Tech Leads for half of our Product Teams to leading departments, and having female representation in the boardroom. Achieving genuine diversity and inclusivity isn’t just about setting goals; it’s about fostering an environment where everyone recognizes and celebrates its importance." Teresa at Framer.

Come join the no-code movement

Building communities is never easy and I'd personally like to celebrate Claudia Cafeo, Founder At Floxies Community & Community Manager at NoCodeOps. She attends every with gusto and you can sign up for multiple webinars and live events she hosts on all kinds of topics! This picture snapped at the Webflow conference is just a sample of her squad she's built globally meeting in London at the HLabs office.

Claudia Cafeo with her army of NoCoders at the Webflow conference

At HLabs, we regularly check in with other Women In Leadership through hosting events, hosting coffee mornings with Agencynomics and interviewing a range of stellar talent through our 'HLabs Meets' campaign.

HLabs co-hosting the Agencynomics Women in Leadership Coffee Morning

The future of no-code is bright, with women poised to lead the charge. By continuing to support and invest in diversity initiatives, we can ensure a more inclusive and innovative tech industry.

"As a female founder and CEO, I've made a conscious choice to not let the challenges of being a woman in leadership and any following biases hold me back. I firmly believe in leading with emotion because that's what truly drives effective leadership. And when it comes to building a top-notch team, diversity isn't just an option—it's essential. With that mindset, we're ready to take on any challenge and beat our odds. This is my way of contributing to positive change. We have to show that it is possible, more will follow and lead to much-needed change." Tine Karlsen, CEO & Co-Founder of VEV
Want to know more about Ceros?

HLabs has been working with Ceros since 2020 to support their clients (Red Bull, Conde Nast, Hearst) to create award winning experiences in record lead times. Being the largest Ceros production team globally, HLabs offers a team of over 20 trained designers and producers to deliver experiences in as little as 3 days from an initial briefing. Find out more about this easy to use no-code platform, view examples and read more about our partnership here.