HLabs & Red Bull pick up awards for interactive storytelling: here's how

We take you through some of our favourite Red Bull examples and share insights on how we landed wins for our interactive storytelling at the Webbys and honoree mentions at Awwwards.
2nd July 2023
5 min read
Written by Hannah Springett, HLabs founder & CEO
Red Bull Hero
Red Bull collection of interactive experiences created by HLabs

At HLabs, we take immense pride in our long-standing collaboration with Red Bull, a partnership that has spanned over five years, with over 90 global experiences, 48 translations, and now 3 awards. Together, we have pushed the boundaries of interactive storytelling, engaging audiences through amazing athlete insights and captivating users through innovative design.

From the Streets to the World Stage

Also known as 'The History of Breaking' this award-winning interactive editorial piece showcases the story behind Breaking, and its rapid rise to the Olympics, in a creative and engaging way. With incredibly detailed research and archive photography provided by the Red Bull team, we created this enthralling interactive timeline to delve deep into the roots and evolution of breakdancing culture in the United States.

The piece was brought together with conceptually driven spinning typography, sound bites, playlist integrations, video clips and gifs. This woven with the bitesize editorial was a recipe for success.

Awards won:

  • Judges Choice: Webby Winner 2023 - Digital Magazine Website
  • Honoree Mention: Awwwards 2023

View "History of Breaking" story

Max Verstappen's Monaco Mansion Game

For the 2022 hero edition, The Red Bulletin magazine wanted to create a unique digital experience showcasing Laureus Sportsman of the Year Max Verstappen. We were tasked to create a fictional illustrated version of Max's house in Monaco and fill it with personal trivia. Highlighting his F1 achievements, the goal was for users to interact with the experience while learning more about the sportsman behind the helmet.

With five rooms and over 40 illustrated items, the addition of animations, interactions, a few hard-code fixes, a seamless application of the concept and great use of the content, we transformed the two-dimensional initial rough idea into a captivating digital and interactive experience. Users must have been keen to find all the trophies as engagement was over 6x a normal story!

Awards won:

  • Awwwards Honorable Mention

View 'Max Mansion' campaign

"I'll say this... your team is INCREDIBLE. I'm so happy with the products and user experiences we are rolling out. The storytelling and interactivity y'all have achieved for us have been NEXT LEVEL. We can't thank you enough." Red Bull Team.

What's Next?

We eagerly embrace the future and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. We are excited to explore new horizons, incorporating 3D design, broadening our podcast reach, concept ideation, and further advancements in interactive storytelling technology.

Our goal is not only to deliver exceptional digital experiences but also to strive for more industry recognition and awards. We are confident that our unwavering dedication and innovative approach will continue to position us as leaders in this field.

View 'NFT Quiz' campaign

"My love for the Red Bull brand goes way back... from my first internship as a runner at Red Bull Fashion Factory to attending the Webbys with them, 13 years later, has been an incredible journey. The team and I will continue to push boundaries with these wonderful stories" Han, founder & CEO at HLabs.

Partnerships are everything

The collaborative partnership between HLabs and Red Bull has yielded remarkable achievements and memorable experiences. Celebrating our wins with "The History of Breaking" and "Max's Mansion," we take pride in our ability to weave research, gamification, and illustration into compelling narratives. As we set our sights on the future, we are excited to pursue new avenues and technologies that will shape the digital landscape.

We eagerly anticipate more accolades and recognition on our journey, and we invite you to explore our latest work, which is already making waves in the industry. See our latest award-nominated projects and witness the power of HLabs and Red Bull's collaboration in action. Together, we will continue fueling success and creating stories that matter.

View our Awwwards portfolio

Interactive storytelling is absolutely nothing without good content

As we celebrate this milestone, our future goal is not only to deliver award winning digital experiences but also strive to 'Create Stories That Matter'. We are confident that our unwavering dedication and innovative approach will continue to position us as leaders in this field.