Webinar: Digital transformation is dead. What's next?

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Discover the key strategies to unlock digital success and propel your business into the future! Han, HLabs Founder & CEO, delves into the depths of overcoming obstacles that hinder transformation and explores effective strategies to drive success.
14th June 2023
54 min watch
Written by Andiana Cáceres Martínez
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In this enlightening session, Hannah joins forces with our partners at Pimento, and a group of other expert panellists, to tackle common barriers that hinder businesses from fully embracing the digital revolution. From dealing with old legacy systems and failed transformation projects to fostering a culture of innovation, we address pressing topics that slow down progress. Additionally, we touch base on the role of AI in revolutionising your business and discuss the importance of achieving alignment among stakeholders.

Coming from outdated legacy systems to resistance and fear of change, we explore pressing topics that hold businesses back from embracing the digital revolution. Uncover practical solutions and valuable insights to spark innovation and achieve remarkable digital efficiencies.

Get ready to gain valuable insights and practical solutions that will empower you to unleash the full potential of your future digital initiatives.


Stephen Knight  - CEO & Founder of Pimento


Hannah Springett, Founder & CEO of HLabs

Carl Uminski, EVP, Partner at CI&T

Vinny Hayes, Founder of Maverick Partners

Jon Reay, CEO & Founder of Rewrite Digital

Radek Stejskal, CEO & Co-Founder of ADAMAPP

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Key takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Digital transformation is an ongoing process that involves adapting and making businesses accessible to meet consumer expectations. It has shifted towards an era of efficiency and serving customers effectively, considering market trends in different regions. Transformation is a daily occurrence, and innovation plays a central role in delivering efficient solutions to clients.

  • To begin the journey of innovation and digital transformation, clients should focus on digital innovations that align with their business and improve efficiency. Alignment within the team and fostering a culture of transformation are crucial. Starting with small-scale trials, such as AB testing, can quickly identify effective processes and strategies.

  • Tactics to assist clients in their digital transformation journey include initiating conversations to identify their digital needs, guiding their transition through small steps and educating them about suitable technologies for their business.

  • AI will revolutionise businesses if it’s relevant and strategically applied. They have the potential to solve diversity and representation issues and bring significant improvements. This new wave of AI is fundamentally changing everything and has the power to enhance both our own businesses and those of our clients.

  • The market possesses the necessary skill set to meet the demands of emerging technologies, opening up job opportunities and showcasing the potential of the ongoing digital revolution while emphasizing the importance of ensuring widespread proficiency to prevent technology monopolization.

  • The current AI case studies being explored include the utilization of Adobe AI plugins and tools, implementing AI into processes, streamlining product lifecycle through rapid story generation, automation for enhanced customer experiences, and the exciting applications of AI in the education sector. The key lies in embracing AI and leveraging the ideas it generates to drive innovation.

  • To assist clients in their transition, establishing strong partnerships is crucial for educating them about possibilities and outcomes, demonstrating the benefits of fast prototyping in reducing the sales cycle and boosting productivity, and identifying the right creative approaches to implement AI-powered ideas effectively.

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