What is interactive storytelling... and why should I add it to my digital offering?

You see interactive content, you engage with interactive content, you are blown away by interactive content, so why not create interactive content?
16 may 2023
6 min read
Written by Andiana Cáceres Martínez
Red Bull Breaking Hero Screens
Webby winning interactive timeline for Red Bull about the 'History of Breaking'.

“Content is king, but engagement is the queen” - I’m sure we’ve all read variations on this common phrase many times before. If only a form of storytelling existed that’s renowned for both boosting engagement and showcasing amazing content? Hold our beer!

Interactive content is statistically proven to earn twice as much engagement as static alternatives, and we’re so passionate about pushing its boundaries we decided to take the time to write a post about it. So, if you want to identify the value of interactive storytelling and how it can transform your digital experiences, read on!

Interactive storytelling? Say whaaaaaat?

Interactive storytelling is the art of telling stories enhanced with technological, social or collaborative features that require active engagement from the audience.

Elements like quizzes, carousels, maps, polls, hotspots, sound bytes and videos directly involve the user in the experience by allowing them to click, scroll, listen, watch or take action, making them part of the journey, not just a passive observer.

As they are in control of helping the story unfold, they are more likely to engage.

So, in an era dominated by viral content and TikTok videos, are you doing what it takes to make your longer form content stand out?

How will interactive storytelling benefit me?

It’s a fair question. Compelling content alone often isn’t enough to create meaningful connections with your audience anymore but we know you need more than ‘because it looks awesome’ to make an informed decision.  While benchmarks show dwell time for normal articles is 36 seconds, we've recorded up to 22 minutes on a single page. Click through rates (CTR’s) on articles are normally under 5%. Recently, we saw an increase on a site we built going up to 587% in the first two weeks. We've also proven to increase outbound click through rates by 15% for documentaries housed on OTT platforms.

So… why wouldn't you want this?

And alongside boosting engagement and meeting targets and KPIs, what are some other simple benefits of utilising this style of storytelling?

  • Through techniques like illustration, animation and flawless design the message can be more memorable.
  • Say goodbye to standard CMS templates, experiences can be completely bespoke and personal to you.
  • Multiple forms of media can be seamlessly incorporated.
  • With higher visibility, new audiences can also be reached.
  • Through the use of no-code platforms like our partners Ceros, Webflow, ReadyMag, Wirewax and Vev, coding is not necessary during the design or publishing process.
  • Provides great content to post on social media feeds.

Four top tips to help create an engaging interactive experience

If you’re excited to incorporate interactive storytelling into your content portfolio but want a few top tips on how to make it the best it can possibly be…read on!

Set clear targets and goals

By having clearly defined KPIs beforehand it makes it easier to create a strategy and the appropriate narrative.

Stick to your brand guidelines, style and tone

While the design and displaying of content may differ, the experience should still unmistakably be compatible with your brand. Think colour, type, logos, tone of voice.

Know your target audience

By knowing who to aim for, it’s easier to pick what interactive elements to focus on. For example, do we want audio? Should it be gamified? Illustration or photos?

Dream big

Want a customized 3D alien randomly appearing on the screen? Ask for it! Our team of designers and tech developers love nothing more than finding innovative solutions to unique requests that will boost an experience.

So…when do we start?

If you have a story that matters and need our team of interactive experts to bring it to life, it all starts with a conversation.

It’s interACTION time.

Let's chat!

Elevate your digital experience!

Harness the power of interactive storytelling to boost engagement, increase dwell time, and leave a lasting impression with your audience through unforgettable content.