HLabs shares the future of digital & innovations showcased at 2023 Lisbon Web Summit

Curious about where tech-savvy, creatives, and innovators converge? Obviously, the Web Summit! Discover how HLabs delves into it capturing key insights and trends as ideas take flight, connections form, and the future of digital is created.
20 November, 2023
5 min read
Written by HLabs' editorial team
Web Summit Hero

As a team of interactive storytellers fascinated by tech and digital innovation, there’s no way we’d miss a chance to attend the Web Summit - a playground for all-digital things enthusiasts like us.

Gathering inspiration and rubbing shoulders with industry leaders, visionaries, and creatives from every corner of the globe, we explored the latest trends, breakthroughs and challenges shaping the industry. 

In this article, we’re bringing you the highlights of our insightful experience exploring the key themes, notable speakers, and the energy that fuels this global hub of the tech universe.

The venue & stands

Hosting 70,236 attendees is not an easy task, but the Altice Arena and Feira Internacional de Lisboa were certainly up to it, serving as the perfect spot to host such a crowd, the massive infrastructure set the grounds to kick off this year's innovative adventure in Lisbon.

Filled with stages, a rich schedule of speakers and startup stands, the conference had so much more to offer. The German board showcased mad robots and the Tunisia stand hosted a VR station displaying their best tech to indulge a curious audience.

Huddle's CEO Danny enjoying the Night Summit

One of the hottest stands was our contacts at Huddle Creative: Danny, CEO and Nicole, MD, branding experts are investing in a new venture to offer simple branding applications created by their new AI tool. Their prototype and friendly vibes had many visitors finding out more.

The speakers & their talks

What’s a conference without interesting and appealing talks? Luckily we got our dose of keynote speakers delivering creativity-brilliance.

Brian Collins, Founder and CCO at COLLINS, showed us some astonishing visuals with the inspirational message of how to create for the inevitable future we believe in; Veronica Fuerte, Founder and CEO at Hey, making a big first statement about leading with female energy (everything we’re all about, you know!) and giving us powerful insights into how creativity is the driving force behind innovation and business.

Meeting clients & partners

The wine and beer area was where we made the most business happen, and most of it over a casual conversation and exchange of talk notes. Here's a little recap of some of the people we connected with:

Katie, Suzie & Han catchup after meeting in Ibiza with Agency Hackers

Katie Street: Another bubbly blonde joined our CEO, Han in reminiscing over the Ibiza Agency Hackers event they met up and talked over grand plans for HLabs to develop Katie's new site on Webflow.

Alya, ReadyMag partner updates HLabs on latest platform updates

Our ReadyMag partners: After 4 years of partnership we just 'bumped' into Alya Datii, Head of Marketing and Diana Kasay, CEO and CoFounder. We compared no-code development notes and celebrated HLabs winning pitches and RFPs repeatedly using ReadyMag to demo our creds.

Lisa from Red Bull shared new editorial storytelling techniques from Vienna

Red Bulletin: After checking the app's contact search feature, we found that a few clients were attending too! Lisa from the Vienna Red Bulletin team was open to grabbing coffee and catching up on recent projects.

And lastly an extra shoutout to Suzie, Matt, and Vinny who shared their agency journeys and what they took from the event!

Improvements & Opportunities

Saying that the Web Summit is a place where the future unfolds, is an understatement because without a doubt is the place where the present meets the future. Not only serves as a platform to create meaningful connections and business partnerships but also to spot opportunities.

Surprised to not have seen any stand or speaker exhibiting no-code and low-code tech, we are convinced that you definitely need us there soon! And who knows, we might as well give a hand with presentation deck design, because we’re kind of REALLY good at it, you know!

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