We speak your language! HLabs offers in-house translation services

Breaking language barriers is an art, and HLabs is mastering it! Discover how our diverse global team turned a routine language variant web design project into a game-changing in-house service.
29 September 2023
6 min read
Written by Andiana Cáceres Martínez
Hero RB Translations

In today's interconnected world, nailing down effective communication is an absolute game-changer for businesses. As we see markets going global and cross-cultural teamwork becoming the norm, the demand for translation services is off the charts.

We're talking about breaking down language barriers, making sure every word hits the mark, and embracing cultural quirks like a pro. Yep, professional translation services are the real MVPs here. So, in this blog post, we're gonna kick back and chat about why it matters and how our team diversity plays a huge part in the smooth delivery of clean translation services for our clients. Ready for a laid-back chat?

Embracing team diversity

Not sure what you’ve heard about us, but here’s a quick introduction. We are a global fun team of creatives coming together to innovate digital storytelling pushing the boundaries of tech to create stories that matter.

Running operations fully virtually, our team is located in various parts of the world and THIS is what makes HLabs so special. We're not just about work; we're all about absorbing the rich cultural goodness during our daily team chats. Plus, our diversity seriously amplifies our individual skills, making us one heck of a strong team.

And to exemplify this, let’s talk about ‘Red Bull: Batalla’ project. What initially started as a typical translation brief we'd outsource turned into the birth of HLabs' very own Translation Service.

First HLabs In-house translation: Red Bull Batalla

The Initial Request

We design and craft various long-form editorials and interactive content for our clients at Red Bull. They provide the translation so we design and build the language variation site to target different countries where their audience is. But not this time! Now they entrusted us with the complete translation request.

Our Move

With a team composed of over 10 different nationalities and speaking over 14 different languages, it was about time for us to embrace the challenge and give the translations a go. 

The scenario looked like this: a two-week timeframe to translate a 4065-word long-form editorial piece from Spanish to English and to edit the interactive landing page to fit the new language. With bilingual Spanish and English speakers in our team alongside our squad of ace designers, we didn’t think twice and jumped right in!

We set up an efficient workflow where our team of language experts made sure the proofreading was spot on. Teamwork mastery, for sure!

The Result

Apart from crafting some stunning designs, our biggest motivation comes from a happy client. So, let's talk results, shall we?

Not only did we meet our usual turnaround time, but we can confidently say that we're now equipped and skilled to offer in-house translation services in a range of different languages.

Importance of translations for digital storytelling

Translations are like the secret ingredient for digital storytelling. They help your story reach a bigger and more diverse group, making it super relevant and engaging. Here are some benefits of having translated versions of your content:

Cultural nuances and context

The biggest connotation words and stories can have is due to cultural context. Translating your content ensures there are no barriers between your message and audiences regardless of their cultural background.

Enhancing relationships with your audience

Well, if we speak the same language we’ll definitely get along! By showing your commitment to making your content come across as easy to understand and culturally rich, you build trust and credibility.

Expanding your reach

Imagine having the power to reach out to the 7,000+ markets in the world. Well, with translation you do! For sure your audience segmentation is less than this number, but just keep in mind the endless possibilities.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Doing this translation in-house helped reduce the feedback response time to a minimum by allowing us to get real-life responses from our teammates that were conveniently just a sentence and a click away from us.

But if we had to sum up this experience in just a few words, we'd say it was incredibly empowering. Witnessing the synergy and uber-collaborative spirit of our team coming together to conquer something new showed us that with the right attitude and support, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Diverse teams fuel innovation
  • The intersection of digital storytelling and translation services breaks language barriers to enhance cultural richness and ensure universal relevance in content creation.
  • HLabs' experience reveals faster response times, real-life teammate feedback, and the limitless potential achieved through a united and supportive team.
  • The Red Bull Batalla project exemplifies HLabs' capability to handle translation challenges.